Thursday, June 25, 2020

What To Do With Your List?

So first up, let's start with your list. Think first about what your list is. It's your first contact, and
it contains pretty much everyone that's passed through the system you've set up, from the
freebie hunters, to the people that didn't know what they signed up for, those who had friends
that signed them up for a joke, and of course those who are going to progress through the circle
and make you a whole load of cash in several different ways. It's the most numerous of all the
five resources, and is also in this instance of the lowest quality compared to the other four,
however is essential if you want to fill the higher ranks.

So, getting started here, what do we want to turn your list into? Well, everything really. Your
lists are there for one thing, and one thing only, and that's to act as your own media outlet, and
increase your other four resources. (something that many business miss). Turning your list into
customers and long- term customers is quite straight forward. You'll be sending them
announcements relating to your new products and services. It's as they should be used, and
most often are.

Two more extremely profitable things that your list can do that people rarely ever seem to catch
hold of (even more profitable than making direct sales) is build your affiliate base and on top of
that build your joint venture base. First up the affiliate building. Remember we talked previously
about promotion to build resources instead of make the profits? Well this works in exactly the
same way. The reason we don't see it too often, aside from the people that have been told
about it, or sussed it out already, is who in their right mind would promote, and in fact spend
the two most important things (their money and their time) on promotion when they're not
going to make any cash out of it directly.

The sooner that you, as an business-person, online or offline can see how important it is to look
beyond immediate profits from ad campaigns, the sooner you will start to make some real
money. I guess it's overlooked by so many simply because in today’s age of the internet,
everyone wants something right now, they don't want to wait. The longer it takes to carry out,
the more they overlook it as something that won't be an immediate fix for their situation.

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